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This web site has been created to share some of the great architectural design engineers ideas of the past and present in the hope of exciting your imagination with alternative

modern ideas that take advantage of the strength and efficiency of the spherical shape.

This firm's specialty is the design and engineering of spherical shaped structures, contemporary prefab housing and modernistic commercial buildings with the ability of being independent, self- sustaining habitats.


Bringing the beauty of commercial architecture to the residential designs with new and innovative ideas and technologies to create affordable energy efficient structures.

For 45 years, Spherical Design Engineers has been designing and engineering energy-efficient, low-cost housing and commercial structures.

Advanced Technologies

Spherical Design Engineers seeks to incorporate what being at home has always meant to us. That is: feeling welcome, safe and comfortable while consciously pushing the boundaries to adapt to our contemporary lifestyles.

The home is a place in which you feel at ease and comfortable with your surroundings. We have not abandoned material interest, but we have a new set of first priorities focused more on comfort and the desire for simplicity. We want the feeling of simplification but not the lifestyle of simple living. It is how we feel in a space that is so incredibly important to that feeling of home.

The Quest for New Architecture


At the dawn of the 21st century, architectural design engineers are entering a paradigm shift. Humanity, ecology and even biology now play important roles in the conception of living and working spaces. Be they built of bytes or bricks, the projects in this web site represent an engaging view of the future.


With the aid of boundless imaginations and sophisticated computer programs, today most innovative design engineers are working on designs so conceptual that they could not be built in the physical world. Nonetheless these forward thinking projects have an enormous influence on contemporary  architecture.

Modernistic Architecture

This is Spherical Design Engineers comprehensive survey of the modern landscape in the true spirit of modernism . This study focuses on the formal and spacious ideas. The exploration of the art and science of architectural design engineers.


These are selective examples of architectural works and a comprehensive primer on the ways form and space are interrelated and organized in the shaping of our environments. What is regarded as modern for one generation will not be regarded as such by the next.


 Are houses to be regarded as an occasion for the creation of art or are they no more than giant pieces of inhabited sculptures? Or should they be constructed as action settings that first and foremost must provide the appropriate environments conducive to their occupation and use?



As an art, architectural design engineers are more than satisfying the purely functional requirements of the building program. Ideas and expression are the fundamentals that bring the building to life. Engaging in solving the practical problems of the given client and adding something of their own personality. 

Architecture is generally conceived, designed, engineered and built. The techniques and processes used have a determining effect on the creative product in architecture as well as other disciplines.

Historically used to optimize fabrication procedures. The computer aided digital technology first developed in other fields has been adapted by the building industry. Such development has only contributed to further advancements in architecture. Promoting new spatial and formal expression.

Continuing to explore and push the limits of other innovative uses of geometry, pattern and color to introduce a new brand of humanistic modern design. It is about investigation, inquiry, imagination and newness. It is not intended to diminish the importance of the social, political or economic aspects of architecture.

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